Saturday, May 22, 2010

African Staff Infection: AfroStafricanfection

Trevor went to Africa last summer and got this. Enjoy.

The funny thing about this video is he posted it on a Sunday (just for a few friends who live away from us to watch), and by Wednesday it had like 6,000 views! It was getting like 2,000 views a day. Youtube e-mailed him saying he could possibly make money from advertisements, but he used music that he didn't get permission to use. Too bad. ;) It slowed down after a week, and hasn't been a very big hit since. Anyways..if you have a weak stomach, this isn't for you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm sure this will only be read by family and friends..but if you just happened to stumble upon our blog I will tell you a little bit about us. I am, Julia and I will be doing the blogging, and if we're lucky I will be posting my husband Trevors writings. We got married January 2nd of this year and just love it! We like to say it's just like we moved in with our boyfriend/girlfriend. Marriage has just been easy for us! In our four months of marriage we've been to Mexico(honeymoon) and Europe!(second honeymoon) ha ha. We love to travel to St. George where Grammy and Papa live, and lots of our friends! We plan on moving there when we're all done with school. I go to Cosmetology School here in Logan and will be done in August/September. Trevor attends USU and is Majoring in Technical Writing, and minoring in Chemistry so he can go to Pharmacy school. Trevsies works on campus and I just quit my job, YAY! I'll find a new one sooner or later. We love Logan, it's such a great college town and we have so many great friends and family here!

Trevor led me to believe that every time I raised my arm trying to make it look like I was holding whatever background object there was, it was working. (Do you get what I'm sayin?) Please tell me why I thought that would make the picture look cool anyways? Then I threw in the others, to make sure you guys new I'm not that ugly. And to make sure you knew how ugly Trevor can look and how easy it is to ruin a picture by growing your basically non-existent MUSTACHE out. ;) I seriously had a blast going through these pictures. I'll post more once I figure this blog out.