Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mckay William Blackwell

Anyone who reads my blog knows I had that baby. And that baby is dang cute. I seriously can't get enough of him. When he's sleeping I'm looking at pictures I've taken of him.
Trevor and I are always showing off the pictures to each other that we've taken that day. :)

I can not express how much I love being a mom. I was born to be a mom. Hey, I may not know what I'm doing..but I love it. I love being with Mckay all day. I never get sick of it. (except when I'm tired and it's really late)...but I think you knew that. He smiles and my heart just MELTS. So please, if you haven't had kids it.

Mack is 10 weeks old today and his bumbo came in the mail just in time :) He loves to sit up!Ha ha ha! This pictures makes me laugh so hard. He has the doublest chin you've ever seen.
He can't totally hold his head up straight, but he's getting there :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

1 week and a half left!

(we kind of look 16 huh?) ha ha

Who knew this pregnancy would fly by so fast?
I truly feel like i'm only 6 months pregnant.
No, I don't look it..but i'm just used to waiting.
But on he other hand, I am soo ready for this baby..
I can't wait to hold him and snuggle him all. day. long
I just am ready to meet him and be a mommy!

I truly feel so blessed to have made it to almost 38 weeks.
I have been so blessed to feel so good, and to be able to keep living my life as I would have.
Yeah, my back kills all the time, and I couldn't breath there for a while..ha ha
but I am carrying a baby and he gets to be mine. :)
Complaining is just Satans tricky way of down playing what a miracle pregnancy is.
Don't give in people..
(not just because of satan. It's so the rest of us don't have to listen.
Those of us who are going through the exact same thing..or wish they were! )
Few. Glad I got that off my chest.

Any who! I have almost officially finished the nursery.
All I have left is some decorations.
I've washed his clothes, packed our hospital bag, and bought a new camera!
And oh it feels good.
It makes me really feel ready for the babe..
like in a..
"come right now so I can put you in these clothes and rock you in my chair."
kinda way. It's normal.

I'll post the pictures of the nursery soon.
I'll be induced the 19th so I've still got a week and a half to kill.
I'll be nesting/cleaning everything until then.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's a boy!

Okay, I haven't blogged since April, and if you didn't already know I was's my fault, and I'm sorry. :)
We went to our 20 week ultrasound appointment last week and found out our baby is a boy! We are so excited! My doctor had done an ultrasound at my 16 week appointment, and didn't see a teepee, or 3 lines so she said, "she was 80% sure it was a girl". Well, Papo, Cristi and I were 20% right, it's a boy!

Oh yeah, and he's due December 25th...I have doomed this baby!

I have always felt like I would have a boy first. Looks like my instincts were right. We would have been so happy with a girl too, but I am just so excited to have a little Trevor running around.

Seriously, he was the most darling, nerdiest, sweetest little boy! I need me one of those. Here I am, jinxing myself. I was a hellion and I'm worried I'll get just that.

It's honestly been so so much fun feeling this little wiggle WIGGLE! The last week he hasn't stopped moving. It has been so fun! The other night i SAW him kick 3 times! I was dying! I was screaming for Trevor, and of course when he gets there he just stopped. Trevor still hasn't felt him. He doesn't have the patience to bear with me while we wait. He'll feel him when this little boy starts kicking harder and more often :).

On top of all this, we finally moved down from Logan to Lehi. It is so bitter sweet. We LOVE Logan! Seriously, we had the best friends there, the best ward and the best, cheapest little place. We were paying 420 for a brand new 3 bedroom condo, 2 bath with a 2 car garage, and now we're paying 950 for a basement apartment: 2 bedroom, 1 bath and a 2 car garage. ha ha. I love our new place, it's DARLING! It's just twice as much. But we really did get a good deal here. Logan is just a little cheap sanctuary for students.

Logan has such a special place in my heart. We were in Logan for 3 years, we had both moved up there for that same fall semester in 08. It was my first time moving away from home, Trevor was 23 at the time. I had such a fun freshman year with all of my girlfriends. Trevor and I met in the fall, fell in love, got engaged, were married by the next year and started our married lives together there. He graduated from USU, I went through Cosmetology school in Logan and worked my first real job. Logan will definitely be missed, but those dang cold winters won't. Ha ha.
We also really didn't get to see our families much when we were up there, so it is already so nice being so close to them!

Just a little update from us! I'll be better to post, since I don't have a job yet and come December I'll be a stay at home mommy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's been a while..

I just realized I never posted about Trevor getting into Pharmacy School in South Jordan! We have spent almost every weekend in the last month looking for housing. And we have not had any luck. It's okay though, we'll just be where we're supposed to be.
(and hopefully that is in somebody's really nice basement apartment, that has a garage, for very cheap) :) ha ha. Because that is honestly what I am looking for.

So before we leave, we, or I have made it a goal to do all of the things in Logan that you're supposed to do..aka Clean the sink at Angies. We did it, but failed. It was all sorts of delicious. But it was huge. So props to all of you who have done it here. I'm all for a re-do.

I want to climb the narrows

Hike the Wellsvilles, because Trev and I gave up. We had just gotten home from California when we tried. ha ha

I want to make it to bear lake this summer and get a shake. I've definitely done this before, just not with Trevie. Oh and I want to see a play at Pickleville while we're there.

There's really probably not that many things left to do for us. We've been here for 3 years, and it's a pretty small town.

We've been made True Aggies
Gone camping in Green Canyon
Gone shooting
Fished at 3rd dam
Eaten at EVERY restaurant.

Any ideas Aggies?? :)

And yeah..we sadly cut the mullet off.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crock Pot Lasagna

I'd heard of this..but I didn't believe it.

I kept thinking I wanted to do it, and I happened to run across a recipe for it and just kind of tweaked it.
PS- I use only the biggest crock pot, because when I bought it I thought, "The bigger the better!"...I honestly don't know what I was thinking.
So i basically double all recipes.
Plus the Trevor makes me.

What you'll need:
2 cups Mozzarella cheese
30 oz Ricotta cheese
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp Red Pepper flakes
1/2 tsp Pepper
2 Cans Crushed tomatoes
1 pnd Ground Beef
1 Large Onion
1 pnd Lasagna Noodles
6 cups Spinach

What you'll do:
Start off with chopping your onion and start cooking it in some olive oil, butter, or whatever you choose. Then add your meat and season it with salt, garlic salt, and some pepper. Cover it up.

Get a bowl and mix together your ricotta cheese, 1 cup Mozzarella, and 1/4 cup Parmesan.
Get another bowl and put in your Tomatoes, Garlic, Pepper, and Red Flakes. Finish cooking your meat, drain your meat, and add it to this sauce.

Take out your big ol' crock pot, lay about 1/2 cup of your red sauce down, lay down some DRY noodles to fit the pot, lay down 1/3 of what you have in your bowl down, lay down 3 cups of me, it shrinks. Lay down half of your cheese. Repeat. After your last set of noodles lay down the rest of your red sauce and your cup of Mozzarella.

Turn on low and cook for 3-3 1/2 hours. SO yummy. The Red Pepper Flakes give it just the right kick!
Lay about

This dinner is kinda big, so if you have a family to feed this is great, or if you like to have left overs it is too. Or if you're like me and have a disposal drain for a husband. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The MM sandwich

I made this sandwich the other night and it was sooo good! I found it on Pioneer Woman's website. I've tried a few of her recipe's and haven't loved them, but I LOVE this one!

What you'll need:
(I halved it, skipped the mushrooms, and used a different hot sauce and because I'm a little kid used cooking sherry)
* 4 Tablespoons Butter
* 2 pounds Cube Steak (round Steak That's Been Extra Tenderized)
* Salt
* Freshly Ground Pepper
* 1 whole Large Yellow Onion, Halved And Sliced Thick
* 2 whole Green Bell Peppers, Sliced Into Rings
* 2 whole Red Bell Peppers, Sliced Into Rings
* 3 cloves Garlic, Minced
* 16 ounces, weight White Mushrooms, Sliced
* 2 Tablespoons (additional) Butter
* 1-½ cup Sherry (regular Or Cooking Sherry Is Fine)
* 4 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
* 4 dashes Tabasco (more To Taste)
* 8 whole Deli Rolls (the Crustier The Better)
* 2 Tablespoons (additional) Butter
* 8 slices Cheese (Provolone, Swiss, Pepper Jack)

Prep: Cut all the vegetables up and then the meat, so we don't spread germs.
Slice the meat against the grain and season it with s&p
(I had never had Cube Steak, but it's dang good)
Throw 2 tbls of butter in a pan on high and brown both sides of the meat, this may take a few batches. Set the meat aside

I threw in a little more butter and then added the garlic, stirred it around, then all the vegies. Throw a lid on and let it cook on medium until the onions aren't crispy anymore, unless you're into that sort of thing.

Now set the vegies aside, it's time to make the sauce. Mushrooms are evil little things, so you can put them in now if you'd like, but if you don't want to die do what I say. Pour the Sherry in, hold your breath, it stinks, throw the Worcestershire sauce in, your hot sauce, some butter and let it simmer. I gave it a good 3-5 minutes and then added everything right back in. Make sure to taste it, and you can add in a little more hot sauce if you'd like or more Sherry.

Now toast your buns, or use a pan and butter them up, both sides. Throw the mixture on the bun, lay the cheese on top and broil.


Trevor and I ate these in like 30 seconds. That's a lie, I did. Trevor eats like an old man. But he ate a lot. :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Make 2011 Your Year"

When I was in Beauty school I was reading a magazine that had a big quote in it that said, "Make 2010 Your Year". And I made it a goal to do that by doing things I've always wanted to do, or be...

1. I got Married in the temple
2. I went on my first cruise
3. I went to Europe
4. It was my golden birthday :)
5. Started our yearly shopping tradition to go to AZ with my mom and sisters
6. I traveled to Northern California
7. I passed my boards
8. I graduated beauty school
9. I got a real job
10. I got a calling in my ward
11. I feel like a real church member
12. Bought our first car
13. I went to Peach days in Ferron
14. We hiked the Wellsvilles
15. I've become a cook
16. Went to Yellowstone
17. Made many couple friends :)
18. We've applied to Pharmacy school
19. Made it up to Idaho Falls and finally stayed with the Burton's!
20. Became a certified Eyelash Extensionist

Because I'm only 20, I'll stop there :) I know some of these may sound silly, but all of them have been so significant to me. It was a great goal and I feel like I have been able to let go a little and do the things that bring me/us happiness :). The biggest thing I was able to do was get married. That has brought me more happiness than anything ever has. Trevor is the most amazing husband and I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Making 2011 my year again...
1. I can't wait for Tess and Kimball to get married (My best friend and Trevor's and getting married)
2. I can't wait to spend the summer with them and Matt and Whit!
3. I can't wait to get accepted to Pharmacy school!
4. I am excited to move out of Logan at the end of the summer for Pharmacy school
5. I am so excited to be closer to family when we move!
6. I CAN'T WAIT to go visit Grady and Lauren this summer, or go on a trip with them!
7. I can't wait for my sisters to have their babies!
8. I can't wait for my bf Anna to have her baby!

Just a few things for me to look forward to :)