Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Make 2011 Your Year"

When I was in Beauty school I was reading a magazine that had a big quote in it that said, "Make 2010 Your Year". And I made it a goal to do that by doing things I've always wanted to do, or be...

1. I got Married in the temple
2. I went on my first cruise
3. I went to Europe
4. It was my golden birthday :)
5. Started our yearly shopping tradition to go to AZ with my mom and sisters
6. I traveled to Northern California
7. I passed my boards
8. I graduated beauty school
9. I got a real job
10. I got a calling in my ward
11. I feel like a real church member
12. Bought our first car
13. I went to Peach days in Ferron
14. We hiked the Wellsvilles
15. I've become a cook
16. Went to Yellowstone
17. Made many couple friends :)
18. We've applied to Pharmacy school
19. Made it up to Idaho Falls and finally stayed with the Burton's!
20. Became a certified Eyelash Extensionist

Because I'm only 20, I'll stop there :) I know some of these may sound silly, but all of them have been so significant to me. It was a great goal and I feel like I have been able to let go a little and do the things that bring me/us happiness :). The biggest thing I was able to do was get married. That has brought me more happiness than anything ever has. Trevor is the most amazing husband and I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Making 2011 my year again...
1. I can't wait for Tess and Kimball to get married (My best friend and Trevor's and getting married)
2. I can't wait to spend the summer with them and Matt and Whit!
3. I can't wait to get accepted to Pharmacy school!
4. I am excited to move out of Logan at the end of the summer for Pharmacy school
5. I am so excited to be closer to family when we move!
6. I CAN'T WAIT to go visit Grady and Lauren this summer, or go on a trip with them!
7. I can't wait for my sisters to have their babies!
8. I can't wait for my bf Anna to have her baby!

Just a few things for me to look forward to :)


  1. I hope you mean that one of trevor's sisters is having a baby.. cuz i'm not..and lauren's not.. and i just got confused.

  2. i love shout outs! and i love you! and you have great goals...i'm impressed. and i love you again! lunch please!!?

  3. I have to say, I'm a little {as in FREAKING} jealous of your awesome year! I would kill to go to Europe. But, I DID get Tentens in 2010, so it was and incredible year for me too I guess!

    I love you so much.
    I hope this year is even better - and I can't wait to have you live MUCH closer