Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tayla' Swift

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE her? I know, I know..so does everyone else and for some reason that got to me a few months ago and I didn't get her CD until now, rather than THE day it came out like the last two CD's. I have been listening to it for the last 3 hours. It is SO good and she is honestly SO talented. I don't care if she doesn't have the perfect voice like David Archuletta. Also I think her single "Mine" had a big impact on that..it's pretty cheesy and I still don't love it.

Let me tell you why I love her. Not just for her music and her ability to speak to me and I know every girl who's ever been in a relationship. But she is an AMAZING role model. That's huge for me. I despise that ho Miley Cirus for that reason. She has millions of little girls who look up to her and she is throwing that in the trash. Plus she has a terrible man hick voice..and a snaggle tooth..there, I said it. She ruined The Last Song, which I read before and SOBBED through..ha ha. (All over Europe, anytime we were on a train, metro or just sitting around I was engulfed.) She ruined it.

Anyways, I also love Taylor because she's not a ho. She doesn't go around to clubs and bars for a reason. Maybe she thinks that would be fun, but i've read an interview from her where she says she doesn't do that because she knows she's a role model. What an awesome girl!

Also, I went to her concert last year..(as you can see) with my sister lovely sister Amy and my friend Kelli who calls her self Taylor Swift, love it. We were on the floor, and I got a steal of a deal on those tickets (30 bucks each!) I don't plan on that happening again. But if it did I would cry. But anyways, Taylor put on an AMAZING show! She didn't short change us any. I've been to plenty of concerts at the delta center where I've only heard like 8..maybe 10 songs. Not Taylor. She rocks in concert. And it was a great show on top of the act!

Taylor loves her fans. She's never once been a snotty brat, expecting to win an award. I mean, who else could handle that d bag Kanye West, who I know despise, the way Tayla' did. PS. I like to call her Tayla' It makes me feel like we're friends.

She's so Classy! Cute! And I would die to have her hair.

One flaw Taylor does have..she's a little awkward of a dancer :) ha ha. Her arms are so long. She's stinkin 5'11!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please bless my husband doesn't have a husband.

Because this is what he posted as his f book status today...

Trevor Blackwell: My husband has made me laugh. Wiped my tears. Hugged me tight. Watched me succeed. Seen me fail. Cheered me on. Kept me going strong. My husband is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever. Put this as your status if you love your husband!!