Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Make 2011 Your Year"

When I was in Beauty school I was reading a magazine that had a big quote in it that said, "Make 2010 Your Year". And I made it a goal to do that by doing things I've always wanted to do, or be...

1. I got Married in the temple
2. I went on my first cruise
3. I went to Europe
4. It was my golden birthday :)
5. Started our yearly shopping tradition to go to AZ with my mom and sisters
6. I traveled to Northern California
7. I passed my boards
8. I graduated beauty school
9. I got a real job
10. I got a calling in my ward
11. I feel like a real church member
12. Bought our first car
13. I went to Peach days in Ferron
14. We hiked the Wellsvilles
15. I've become a cook
16. Went to Yellowstone
17. Made many couple friends :)
18. We've applied to Pharmacy school
19. Made it up to Idaho Falls and finally stayed with the Burton's!
20. Became a certified Eyelash Extensionist

Because I'm only 20, I'll stop there :) I know some of these may sound silly, but all of them have been so significant to me. It was a great goal and I feel like I have been able to let go a little and do the things that bring me/us happiness :). The biggest thing I was able to do was get married. That has brought me more happiness than anything ever has. Trevor is the most amazing husband and I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Making 2011 my year again...
1. I can't wait for Tess and Kimball to get married (My best friend and Trevor's and getting married)
2. I can't wait to spend the summer with them and Matt and Whit!
3. I can't wait to get accepted to Pharmacy school!
4. I am excited to move out of Logan at the end of the summer for Pharmacy school
5. I am so excited to be closer to family when we move!
6. I CAN'T WAIT to go visit Grady and Lauren this summer, or go on a trip with them!
7. I can't wait for my sisters to have their babies!
8. I can't wait for my bf Anna to have her baby!

Just a few things for me to look forward to :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tayla' Swift

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE her? I know, I does everyone else and for some reason that got to me a few months ago and I didn't get her CD until now, rather than THE day it came out like the last two CD's. I have been listening to it for the last 3 hours. It is SO good and she is honestly SO talented. I don't care if she doesn't have the perfect voice like David Archuletta. Also I think her single "Mine" had a big impact on's pretty cheesy and I still don't love it.

Let me tell you why I love her. Not just for her music and her ability to speak to me and I know every girl who's ever been in a relationship. But she is an AMAZING role model. That's huge for me. I despise that ho Miley Cirus for that reason. She has millions of little girls who look up to her and she is throwing that in the trash. Plus she has a terrible man hick voice..and a snaggle tooth..there, I said it. She ruined The Last Song, which I read before and SOBBED through..ha ha. (All over Europe, anytime we were on a train, metro or just sitting around I was engulfed.) She ruined it.

Anyways, I also love Taylor because she's not a ho. She doesn't go around to clubs and bars for a reason. Maybe she thinks that would be fun, but i've read an interview from her where she says she doesn't do that because she knows she's a role model. What an awesome girl!

Also, I went to her concert last year..(as you can see) with my sister lovely sister Amy and my friend Kelli who calls her self Taylor Swift, love it. We were on the floor, and I got a steal of a deal on those tickets (30 bucks each!) I don't plan on that happening again. But if it did I would cry. But anyways, Taylor put on an AMAZING show! She didn't short change us any. I've been to plenty of concerts at the delta center where I've only heard like 8..maybe 10 songs. Not Taylor. She rocks in concert. And it was a great show on top of the act!

Taylor loves her fans. She's never once been a snotty brat, expecting to win an award. I mean, who else could handle that d bag Kanye West, who I know despise, the way Tayla' did. PS. I like to call her Tayla' It makes me feel like we're friends.

She's so Classy! Cute! And I would die to have her hair.

One flaw Taylor does have..she's a little awkward of a dancer :) ha ha. Her arms are so long. She's stinkin 5'11!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please bless my husband doesn't have a husband.

Because this is what he posted as his f book status today...

Trevor Blackwell: My husband has made me laugh. Wiped my tears. Hugged me tight. Watched me succeed. Seen me fail. Cheered me on. Kept me going strong. My husband is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever. Put this as your status if you love your husband!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Mom, what the hew?"

If we're ever gonna get out of this recession, we're gonna need some stay-at-home moms to start up some photography businesses. We're also gonna need a HUGE shipment of baby bows. Maybe even some wax that, when melted, also makes my house smell good. We're just not seeing enough of this stuff yet and I blame the moms of America.- Trevor Blackwell

You know this is funny. I have many friends who do this. And it's GREAT! I make flower head bands myself, so do three of my sisters. I am in the market to invest in a Scentsy. Two of my six sisters do photography and I LOVE it. Free pictures. Um yes.

I think there's room for my sarcastic husband to tease. Plus he's done with the Pcat- he can do whatever the "hew" he wants. As our nephew Jack would say it ;)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween costumes

Seriously, this is such a big deal to me. I LOVE to dress up for Halloween, and I'm sure you do too. I'd make a poll and have you vote on our costumes, but I don't know how to..and I don't have that many readers. ha ha. When we were kids my mom would make us WHATEVER costumes we wanted, Oompa Lumpas, elephant, carrot, kiss..etc. She's the bomb.
So two years ago me and my brothers decided we wanted to all be carrots again, my mom must have only gotten around to making one costume or something but we only have one. And my brother Grady got it, of course. We're always arguing about which one of us is my moms fav. I guess he won that halloween.

Now it's my turn! Or trevors. Because I have no idea what we should be. So i painted this while the trevsies studies. I really just want both of us to be vegetables. Not sure what we're going to do..maybe just pass out treats. We'd be the coolest dressed in the neighborhood..I just don't see us going to the howl. Any ideas?

You are entering the no judging zone.

For some reason this will only show really really small.

So here's the deal. One of us will be the carrot..and then which do you like best for the other one of us? :) I will make it somehow. Or my mom will. Thanks mom.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All the Single Ladies (but especially the bitter ones)

By: Trevsies. This is something he wrote on his fbook and i stole it.
Just kind of funny. Thought I'd share.

I wanted to throw a little bone to some of the single ladies out there who are single and grumpy about it.

*Warning: The following will contain generalizations about men and women. If you are offended by this, then get off the internet.*

What is a bitter, single lady?

We've all met/dated/had to listen to a bitter single lady at some point. It usually goes something like this:

"I can't believe he's dating AN 18-YEAR-OLD." Or, "He's only dating her cause she's a dumb blond who's dumb enough to like HIM." Or something along those lines.

Well that's a little exaggerated, but we've all heard a conversation like that where the offended party can't believe that a male in their life is dating someone younger (so she MUST be dumber) than him. Then they begin to try and tear-down the younger (and OBVIOUSLY stupid-er) girl. This is a sure sign of a bitter, single lady.

Now here's that bone I said I was gonna throw you: GUYS DON'T WANT TO DATE BITTER, SINGLE LADIES.

Why do guys date "young, stupid chicks?"

Here are some things you may not know about young, stupid chicks. Young, stupid chicks tend to have fun on dates. Young, stupid chicks tend to BE fun on dates. Young, stupid chicks tend to talk less about how hard it is to be around Utah Mormons and unmarried. Young, stupid chicks tend to be realistic about their future (i.e. they aren't planning on being a surgeon, a teacher, the president, and the mother of your kids someday). Young, stupid chicks tend to be more open-minded about their male friends' young, stupid chick girlfriends. Young, stupid chicks tend to be good people to date for all these reasons plus many more (and notice I didn't even mention their boobs or their hair color...weird).

Simply put, guys date young, stupid chicks for a lot more reasons than bitter, single ladies would like to know or admit. But if you do know, then you can emulate and no longer be so bitter. You can just:

--Have fun on dates.

--Be fun on dates.

--Talk less about how hard it is to be around Utah Mormons and unmarried.

--Be realistic about your future (i.e. don't plan on being a surgeon, a teacher, the president, and the mother of kids someday).

But that's not all bitter, single ladies. I've got more advice and absolutely no credentials to convince you to trust it.

A few bitter, single lady "should not's":

1. You should not make up your own dating rules.

Not too long ago I heard a (very) bitter, single lady complaining to some of our classmates about a guy who was pursuing her. She said something like this,

"He called me and I was busy so I ignored it. My rule is that if he wants to talk to me, he'll call back."

Yikes. What a STUPID dating rule. First of all, that is a rule which would best suit a snooty supermodel (and this girl had no reason to be snooty and wouldn't be mistaken for a supermodel).

And second of all, she's sifting for creepy d-bags. I don't even have to ask her to find out that this girl is constantly dating creepy d-bags. How do I know? Her stupid dating rule systematically removes normal guys from her dating pool. NORMAL guys call once, leave a message, and wait to hear back. The end. Creepy d-bags however, have no sense for what girls call "hints." Some of them can get completely rejected and think that its just part of "the game." Well bitter, single lady, you've got a good system for attracting creepy d-bags, but I think Dateline NBC already does a show about that.

Don't make up your own rules bitter, single're not good at it.

2. You should not make lists of "he'd better not's."

I was dropping eaves on a bitter, single lady when I heard something to this effect,

"I went to church with him and saw him take his phone out of his pocket and I thought, 'he'd better not be TEXTING IN CHURCH or it is OVER!'"

Yikes. The problem with developing a list of "he'd better not's" is that you tend to talk about them in public. When people hear a bitter, single lady talk about the things "he'd better not do" they just think you're mean, judgmental, and worst of all a nag.

Don't be a nag. Most men can endure a lot of problems with a relationship, but nagging is just too much to handle. Be nice, guys do stupid stuff, don't nag them.

3. You should not put weird time lines on events in dating.

I was in a conversation with a future bitter, single lady talking about a guy she had started dating. When someone else asked if he had tried to kiss her she said,

"No. He knows my three day/date rule." (Translation: thou shalt not attempt to kiss future bitter, single lady on the lips until you answer me these questions three...mwah ha ha ha.)

Yikes. This isn't a game with a list of rules to follow and hoops to jump through in order to win -- this is dating. If you want to play sports then go join a softball team (which you'll find yourself playing a lot of if you don't shape up -- ba zing). When you tell a guy a rule like that you're just challenging him to break it. Then, the right guy will come along and he WILL break it, and he will dump you and move on to the next challenge.

Or you'll hold strong to your three days/dates, he'll wait it out, he'll put in his time and then he'll EXPECT his reward after he's paid his three days/dates. There's another thing I've heard of where guys pay a price and then expect kisses and such from a lady in return...I think it was on C.O.P.S. and they called them "the guys who paid ladies for sexual favors in return." I don't remember, but there is something in real-life like this...maybe you can think of it. *cough cough* prostitution *cough*

How about this instead: just be genuine. Date guys cause you're interested in them, get to know them, and let the events (first kiss, etc...) happen when they happen. This will make things a lot less weird for everyone and guys will probably date you for more than three dates/days.

Conclusion...I guess

I'm no expert. These are just some thoughts/observations that I have made throughout my time at college. I've dated older girls and taken a lot of crap for dating younger ones. But the "crap" I get for having dated young (and married young) will never outweigh the benefits. My wife is nice (even to girls who aren't her same age, weird huh?), she doesn't judge me/nag me for stupid things, we kissed when we felt like it, we returned each others' calls, we have fun on dates, she IS fun on dates, and most of all SHE IS NICE.

So what I'm saying is this: if you're bitter and single and a lady then just BE NICE. Things will get better.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I don't know how to blog.

This summer we went to Santa Maria with our friends and FED OSTRICHES!

Every time I get on here to "blog"..i end up trying to fix my background or something and then I spend a lot more time than I should, since I get no where ha ha. So here I am forgetting about how ugly and confusing my actual blog is and telling you about my updated life. :)

I know this seems pretty easy, which you're right. It just takes so dang long! It's paying to work 40 hours a week for a little over a year. Plus it's pretty hard while working that 40 hour job Tuesday-Saturday to get someone to hire you to work the other hours of your Logan. And you get to the point where you're already doing hair outside of school and are just ready to be done! So it's a great feeling to be done :). I still don't know where I'm going to work..hopefully I'll know by Wednesday!

Trev is getting ready to take the PCAT, which is his entrance into pharmacy school. We've both been a little crazy with the tests but at least I'm done, and now I can be a good wife and help a little ha ha. We are applying to the Southern Nevada pharmacy school which is right below Vegas, and there's a campus in DRAPER! So hopefully we'll get into that one. Then another school in Nebraska I think that's online. We still won't be moving until next fall though!

We love being married and making these big decisions together. It really is great getting through our trials together!

Sorry this is just a boring little post but for those of our friends that don't see much of us here's a little update :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Emery County

Every 24th of July Trevors family goes down to Monroe, and Marysvale(small towns where they're from) and watch the parade and go to the fair, then we finish by being with the Blackwells in Marysvale. This is only my second year going with them and I just love it.

The drive there might not be the prettiest thing..but the towns themselves are gorgeous. Trevor and I had a blast spending time in Ferron with his dad and his friends who live in Ferron. We went to the tinniest little rodeo you've ever been to in Emery, where I saw the cutest little boy cowboys in the world and I made sure to let Trev know I needed one of "those". Ha ha. They even talk like cowboys at age 6.

This is just me with Reds' darling niece who said, "Do you think these pigs have ever seen a real princess before?" (talking about herself) when Red took her to see the Worwoods show pigs.

Oh and on our drive into town we passed this HUGE fire. I promise it was.

We went to the parade which was probably 3 hours long. Then ate some yummy burgers and fries from a little burger joint and just hung out at the fair with Trevors family. SO fun!
Then when we went to his aunt and uncles in Marysvale and went to watch the fish rodeo (this is the best). It's where little kids line up against the walls of the dance hall and wait for this truck to dump out tons of fish..then they run and splash around trying to catch the fish bare handed! It's so hilarious. I keep telling my sister she's gotta bring my nephews down next year. Ps. Marysvale population is about 300 people. Just outside of Richfield. Once you see Marysvale, you see the end of it. I just love it!

I love being all around in these small towns where my husby grew up. It's so fun to see where and how he grew up. I've always thought people from small towns were the best since I came up to college and met tons of them..and they all seemed to be a little nicer, a little friendlier, and all the boys I went on dates with from small towns had better manners! Well I'm here to tell you it's true. And I am married to one :) Everyone I met was so nice, so welcoming and open! It makes me open to the thought of living in a small town :).

Does Emery County look like Mars to anyone else? Ha ha.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothin like a little TLC

Today the Trevsies and I went to one of my families best friends wedding. Tom Brewer. He's more like a brother to me than a friend. This boy has known me since I was 3. He's seen my in diapers, soccer uniforms, prom dresses and my wedding dress. He used to put snakes on me, run away from me, and help me with my homework. I think i've been in as many fights with him as I have my own brother. Telling me my shorts are too short, my swimming suit is too little, not to date this d bag or that. Naming my car the bunk mobile. Ha ha. He's the best. So are all my other friends! I can't remember when the last time I went home and got to see ALL of the people I love? Do you? And when you were reminded of how much they love you back? Gosh it felt good. Seriously, I feel like I just saw family I hadn't seen in forever, because really, some of them are. I didn't stop talking for two hours straight, and they all got to meet my wonderful, witty, handsome husby. I loved that part the best :).

Anyways, Trevlynn and I are heading to St. George for the weekend with my family, and kinda his, and I kinda CAN'T wait. :) It's a very needed trip. Neilsons Frozen Custard, I'll be seeing you soon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Of course I'm sick, for the fourth day in a row.

Anywho, on a lighter note.

At hair school the other day I had THE cutest little girl ever. Yes, ever.
It was her birthday and she and ten friends came to get their hair and nails did.
She was turning five.
She was dressed up as a princess and her brother was dressed as a skeleton, just because they wanted to. I love moms like this!

So here's parts of our conversation-
Me: how do you want your hair done?
princess: CURLY!
Me: You are seriously so cute! I could just eat you up.
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Princess: A Doctor!....and a princess!
Then her mom walks over and the little girl says, "Mom we're having so much fun, she thinks I'm totally so cute!"
Me: What princess are you today?
Princess: GUESS!
Me: Cinderella
Princess: HOW DID YOU KNOW!?
Anna My friend: Do you know Cinderellas boyfriends name?
princess names it and we ask her if she has a boyfriend and start to giggle cause it's so cute and she just looks down and has this saddest face ever and says "you're making fun of me"

My heart just sunk! Here is this most darling girl ever and she thinks we're laughing at her. I forget how easily your feelings can get hurt when you're little.
I wish I had a picture of this little blonde hair, blue eyed doll.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is a subject that Trevor and I have been keeping up with pretty well for the last six months. I know as college students it can be a pretty confusing, and a hard subject to keep up with. But it’s super important for us to understand what’s going on.

In March Trevor and I were lucky enough to travel to Europe where the tables were turned on me. I absolutely LOVED it! It was gorgeous, delicious, thrilling, peaceful, and I learned so much about the European culture. (Now why don’t we have a la siest?!) But on the other hand it was a culture shock. France is a socialist country. They have free health care, they don’t have customer service, and they definitely don’t clean up after themselves. They just expect the government to take care of that.

While we were staying at a Disney Paris hotel we were put in a room on the third floor. We thought we’d only be staying for two nights but decided to stay an extra night. When we made the reservation for the third night we asked to stay in our same room and because the hotel was not busy in the least we thought it would be fine. But because it was easier for THEM to put us in a different room on the first floor, they did. While we were waiting in line at the hotel to get our internet password for the third time,(because they wouldn’t give it to us over the phone and they changed it all the time) a man with a British accent went up to the counter and told the girl his key wasn’t working to his room. She responded by saying “The key machine is broken”. And went back to what she was doing. Obviously the British man was upset, he proceeded to try to figure out another solution and made a big enough fuss that finally another, not busy employee was sick of him asking for a manager and finally grabbed one. Also, the hotels carpet in the entrance was dirty, and bleach stained. This wasn’t just because the hotel was a bad one, it isn’t just the European attitude, it’s the socialist attitude of “I don’t have to do anything, you can go somewhere else and it won’t be any better”. Because, it won’t in Europe.

Paris, one of the most beautiful city’s in the world, a huge tourist destination, is covered in graffiti and garbage. They pee outside, in public. If they don’t have a job, the government will give them a place to live, a little ghetto, but fine. Plus a stipend every month. The people who actually work, are paying for this life style, which is something like half of their wages. They are paying for some government worker to clean up the dog poop, cigarette buds, and garbage on the streets.

A little more for customer service from a restaurant: You are lucky if you are greeted, lucky if it is within 30 minutes. I asked what kind of meat I was getting, “poultry”, What kind of poultry, “poultry”. I still have no idea what kind of a bird I ate. I ordered a water, asked for it several times, never got it, charged for it. They are la-hazey.

Anyways, after my week and a half of being there I realized how bad it is to live in a socialist country. To make this simple, it breeds under achievement.

And Dear Bums, Please try not to PEE on the all the Metros I ride on if I go back? Also Dear Europeans, please don’t STARE and KEEP staring after I see you staring at me, it’s very uncomfortable. I will also teach you how to use soap and water LOTS, and how to brush your freakin’, yup freakin’ teeth.

Dear hormones, go away.

Why is it that one or two days a month I am weird? I am perfectly fine, then BAM! I’m tearing up on my car ride home from school listening to a some country song. A song, if you skipped that part. Then I go to the grocery store to buy some salmon and it’s expensive, so I decide that I just won’t eat. Then I’m straight up mad at everything, and the Trevsies asks why? And of course I break down because I have no idea why!

Dear hormones, go away.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

African Staff Infection: AfroStafricanfection

Trevor went to Africa last summer and got this. Enjoy.

The funny thing about this video is he posted it on a Sunday (just for a few friends who live away from us to watch), and by Wednesday it had like 6,000 views! It was getting like 2,000 views a day. Youtube e-mailed him saying he could possibly make money from advertisements, but he used music that he didn't get permission to use. Too bad. ;) It slowed down after a week, and hasn't been a very big hit since. Anyways..if you have a weak stomach, this isn't for you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm sure this will only be read by family and friends..but if you just happened to stumble upon our blog I will tell you a little bit about us. I am, Julia and I will be doing the blogging, and if we're lucky I will be posting my husband Trevors writings. We got married January 2nd of this year and just love it! We like to say it's just like we moved in with our boyfriend/girlfriend. Marriage has just been easy for us! In our four months of marriage we've been to Mexico(honeymoon) and Europe!(second honeymoon) ha ha. We love to travel to St. George where Grammy and Papa live, and lots of our friends! We plan on moving there when we're all done with school. I go to Cosmetology School here in Logan and will be done in August/September. Trevor attends USU and is Majoring in Technical Writing, and minoring in Chemistry so he can go to Pharmacy school. Trevsies works on campus and I just quit my job, YAY! I'll find a new one sooner or later. We love Logan, it's such a great college town and we have so many great friends and family here!

Trevor led me to believe that every time I raised my arm trying to make it look like I was holding whatever background object there was, it was working. (Do you get what I'm sayin?) Please tell me why I thought that would make the picture look cool anyways? Then I threw in the others, to make sure you guys new I'm not that ugly. And to make sure you knew how ugly Trevor can look and how easy it is to ruin a picture by growing your basically non-existent MUSTACHE out. ;) I seriously had a blast going through these pictures. I'll post more once I figure this blog out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Trevor, my husby, started writing little notes on his Facebook a few weeks ago and they're really good. I've always told him he's very opinionated, but I don't think he believed me until recently when he started caring about this health care bill. Politics has taken over our lives, in a good way. We now are concerned with what is happening within our government, and our country. We're just becoming grown ups, I like to say. Anywho: here's a post Trevor made that I think is really great!