Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Mom, what the hew?"

If we're ever gonna get out of this recession, we're gonna need some stay-at-home moms to start up some photography businesses. We're also gonna need a HUGE shipment of baby bows. Maybe even some wax that, when melted, also makes my house smell good. We're just not seeing enough of this stuff yet and I blame the moms of America.- Trevor Blackwell

You know this is funny. I have many friends who do this. And it's GREAT! I make flower head bands myself, so do three of my sisters. I am in the market to invest in a Scentsy. Two of my six sisters do photography and I LOVE it. Free pictures. Um yes.

I think there's room for my sarcastic husband to tease. Plus he's done with the Pcat- he can do whatever the "hew" he wants. As our nephew Jack would say it ;)


  1. I agree. Why is everyone all of a sudden a photographer?

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