Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I don't know how to blog.

This summer we went to Santa Maria with our friends and FED OSTRICHES!

Every time I get on here to "blog"..i end up trying to fix my background or something and then I spend a lot more time than I should, since I get no where ha ha. So here I am forgetting about how ugly and confusing my actual blog is and telling you about my updated life. :)

I know this seems pretty easy, which you're right. It just takes so dang long! It's paying to work 40 hours a week for a little over a year. Plus it's pretty hard while working that 40 hour job Tuesday-Saturday to get someone to hire you to work the other hours of your day...in Logan. And you get to the point where you're already doing hair outside of school and are just ready to be done! So it's a great feeling to be done :). I still don't know where I'm going to work..hopefully I'll know by Wednesday!

Trev is getting ready to take the PCAT, which is his entrance into pharmacy school. We've both been a little crazy with the tests but at least I'm done, and now I can be a good wife and help a little ha ha. We are applying to the Southern Nevada pharmacy school which is right below Vegas, and there's a campus in DRAPER! So hopefully we'll get into that one. Then another school in Nebraska I think that's online. We still won't be moving until next fall though!

We love being married and making these big decisions together. It really is great getting through our trials together!

Sorry this is just a boring little post but for those of our friends that don't see much of us here's a little update :)

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