Monday, July 26, 2010

Emery County

Every 24th of July Trevors family goes down to Monroe, and Marysvale(small towns where they're from) and watch the parade and go to the fair, then we finish by being with the Blackwells in Marysvale. This is only my second year going with them and I just love it.

The drive there might not be the prettiest thing..but the towns themselves are gorgeous. Trevor and I had a blast spending time in Ferron with his dad and his friends who live in Ferron. We went to the tinniest little rodeo you've ever been to in Emery, where I saw the cutest little boy cowboys in the world and I made sure to let Trev know I needed one of "those". Ha ha. They even talk like cowboys at age 6.

This is just me with Reds' darling niece who said, "Do you think these pigs have ever seen a real princess before?" (talking about herself) when Red took her to see the Worwoods show pigs.

Oh and on our drive into town we passed this HUGE fire. I promise it was.

We went to the parade which was probably 3 hours long. Then ate some yummy burgers and fries from a little burger joint and just hung out at the fair with Trevors family. SO fun!
Then when we went to his aunt and uncles in Marysvale and went to watch the fish rodeo (this is the best). It's where little kids line up against the walls of the dance hall and wait for this truck to dump out tons of fish..then they run and splash around trying to catch the fish bare handed! It's so hilarious. I keep telling my sister she's gotta bring my nephews down next year. Ps. Marysvale population is about 300 people. Just outside of Richfield. Once you see Marysvale, you see the end of it. I just love it!

I love being all around in these small towns where my husby grew up. It's so fun to see where and how he grew up. I've always thought people from small towns were the best since I came up to college and met tons of them..and they all seemed to be a little nicer, a little friendlier, and all the boys I went on dates with from small towns had better manners! Well I'm here to tell you it's true. And I am married to one :) Everyone I met was so nice, so welcoming and open! It makes me open to the thought of living in a small town :).

Does Emery County look like Mars to anyone else? Ha ha.

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  1. Aw Jubes - this is the cutest post ever! I am so glad you love our little 24th of July traditions as much as we do! I also love that Kyle loves it! I look forward to it every year.

    Love you!